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We’re at a tipping point on environmental awareness and action, particularly on climate change/global warming issues. With a new administration nearing and so much information flying around, how is a regular person supposed to know what’s real and what’s hype, and moreover — how can one person make a difference? That’s where SustainableSuburbia comes in! Even though, theoretically, I would personally love to pack up, leave civilization behind, and live off the land, somewhere, wherever that is, that’s not going to happen — I’m a mom, my kids are in highschool and applying to college, my 87-year-old mother lives nearby, I have friends I want to be close to, my kids want to be near their friends and not too far from Starbuck’s, and let’s face it, I like being 5 minutes from the grocery store and a few more from the movies. And my home, where I was born and raised, is Atlanta, the city that serves as the poster-child of sprawl. So if we’re stuck in suburbia, are we all doomed? I don’t think so! So in the framework of terminal optimism, but guided by a lifetime of learning about and serving the public on environmental matters, let’s give Sustainable Suburbia a go! Let’s consider this a grand adventure, and work together to reduce our waste, our carbon footprints, and all the other ways in which we adversely impact this beautiful planet — and let’s figure out some ways to actively help it as well.  I’ll cover topics as diverse as what difference do plastic bags make to insulating your home, to getting teenagers to see the (compact fluorescent) light.  Join me! And please feel free to share not only comments but your own experiences! Thanks for visiting, hope to see you again soon!


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